Back-to-school: First week of school

First week of school is almost gone! Time really flies. I really really wish time can slow down. I want to fully enjoy my very last bit of school life. Anw, this week has been pretty enjoyable and stress free. I know the real deal has not yet started, that’s why I’m hoping for school to slow down a wee bit! hah!

Just some instagram pictures on what I’ve been doing this week. Follow me @vivianism on instagram!

Because my timetable is pretty slack this semester, so more chances for me and my clique to go for good food! haha! Here’s this very nice ramen at Bugis Plus! I love it! Love the char siew!

Attempting a selca…lol.

Went K-singing at K Suite. There’s student promotion, $10 nett for 3 hours! And this place is pretty posh! There’s blanket for us too!! So worth it! The lemon honey drink is super awesome too!

Attempting some shots in the dark room. lol.

As usual, the weekly dates with Prawn.

And then, I was late for school today. A super blur day for me. I almost boarded the train towards the town direction.  Missed my 9.30 am class. Went into the wrong tutorial room. Walked the wrong way a few times today. =.= BUT! I came home with a loot…a pair of floral shades! lol. When there’s long break, you tend to shop. 😡

So yup! I’ve noted the request for back-to-school entries. Yeah I will do some entries on outfit, makeup and hair! ^^ Just drop me a comment if you have any other requests! BUT I WILL HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT MY NEW HAIR DYE FIRST. 😀


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