Organic Hair Dye


Recently I was invited to Komachi Hair Cult to try out organic hair dye! This hair dye came just at the right time cos my roots are growing out and they are ugly! It’s been more than 6 month since I last dye my hair. The Secret really works! ^^

This Organic Hair Colour System comes in 54 mixable colours, so you can definitely find a colour that suits you.

Why organic hair dye is a better choice?

First it is ammonia free, which means your hair will be smelling good immediately after the hair dye job. No more nasty smell and worrying if people might be able to smell your hair on the train! Ammonia can damage the hair’s natural protein resulting in the hair being unable to hold on to color. This is also the reason why hair is often VERY DRY after a hair dye. Of course, I’m sure you know ammonia can cause both short and long term damage to the respiratory system when inhaled over an extended period.

With organic hair dye, you can dye as many times as you want without worrying about over-processing your hair! Also, since it does not strip off hair’s natural protein, it means the colour will not fade as fast as normal hair dye. Why?? This is a little science here. But I will explain. This is because the cuticle of the hair is not open, and colour molecules won’t come out that easily. I hope you understand that I did my keratin treatment 3 months ago simply because I want to infuse my hair with proteins so that the cuticles can close. It is the same theory.

Hehe I have a Japanese hair designer doing my hair for me. I’m in safe hands. She is Rie Kanai, Komachi Creative Director Stylist!

Rie Kanai applied the dye layer by layer carefully and constantly checks my hair to make sure every strand of hair is covered with the dye. She’s very meticulous!

Anw, I chose a pretty subtle colour this time round – medium copper blonde. Maybe I will go a little bit lighter next time. But for now, this colour is great for working ladies, a soft subtle brown.

Check out the spaceship above me! lolol. Oh and I have to say I really love how they pile so many towels on me just to make sure the colour doesn’t drip onto my shirt. ^-^ I think I have at least 3 towels on me.

Check out my new hair colour! BYE BLACK ROOTS. hehe. The stylist together with another colleague blew dry by hair and now Rie Kanai is going to style my hair!

I don’t know what to expect but it seems like she’s braiding my hair.

Hi. This is the Mona Lisa smile. My hair looks so beautiful from this angle!


And my front view. I think this hair styling looks pretty korean! I like!

If you know french braiding, you may try to re-create this hair style? I just learn how to do french braid! I might try to see if I can do this hair style again. Hehe.

My stylist Rie Kanai and me! ^^ Her piece of art work.

The hair colour seems more obvious after a few washes. Here’s picture of my hair a few days later…

Another one …

Did you notice how smooth my hair is?

I took my sister’s camera for some close-up shots. I dono why her camera picked up the red(copper) that much so my hair looks reddish but it really isn’t. Anw, the point is my hair looks really shiny.

It is indeed quite silky!

I really love the dye. It doesn’t irritate my scalp and neither does my hair feels dry. In fact, my hair seems a little straighter after the hair dye.  I would most probably go back again to do my hair next time.

If you do go to Komachi Hair Cult, look for my stylist Rie Kanai! She’s good!

You can also look for Mr Matsunaga. I think he’s the one who did my sister’s hair! Quite awesome too!

Price list for your reference. I think $100 for full-head dye is quite cheap!

And also 20% discount for the month of August! Do get rid of black roots this month! Hehe.

Please do go over and “like” Komachi Hair Cult Facebook page here

360 Orchard Road
#02-03/04 International Building
(next to ANZ Bank)
T:6339 9432


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