Back to school: week 1 outfits and hair

I don’t think anyone should fuss about what to wear for school. Because this is the time where you can wear anything you want, unless you have some sort of school dress code or something. If not, have fun dressing up and even dressing down. ^^

I personally am in love with easy to wear and comfortable outfits.

#Look 1: Mini flowery dress with attached cardigan

Speak about convenience! This cardigan is attached to the dress. Many of my friends didn’t notice it until I told them this. lolol. This dress always makes me happy because of the colours!

Hair style: did nothing to my hair but I made sure I applied hair products to tame the flyaway and frizz.
Makeup: Very light base makeup with eyebrows drawn. Oh and I had my glasses on! I don’t wear my lens everyday.

#Look 2: Cropped tee with shorts

I really love wearing cropped tee because it is like the perfect size for me. lol. Did you notice the prints of my cropped tee is actually a skull? I didn’t realized it until I wore it and stood in front of my mirror.

Hairstyle: kept my fringe away with braided fringe.
Makeup: Au Natural. no makeup as I was late for class. :p

You might be thinking how can I possibly have the time to braid my fringe when I’m running late? Actually it’s because it’s not the traditional braided fringe I was doing. This is called the quick 2 stranded twist. This can be done in just 30 sec or even lesser! Even if you have short fringe you can also do this!

1. Take two strands of hair from your bangs, just like how you would normally do a braid. But instead of 3 strands, you take two strands.
2. Cross the second stand over the first one.
3. Take some hair together with the first strand and cross over the second strand, just like french braiding.
4. Repeat the steps till the point you wish to end at and pin it up with a bobby pin.
5. Spray some hair spray to tame the flyaway.

I won’t be doing any video tutorial on this as there are many youtube videos out there showing you how to do this simple french twist. Anyone can do it.

You can also make the braid fuller by pulling some out after you are done with it. This is definitely a great way to keep your fringe away!

Check out some of the youtube tutorials here and here.


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