Kissable Pout

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Look of the day.
Sometimes less is more. Why not skip all the eyemakeup and go for kissable lips instead?

I’ve been trying out Mentholatum’s Lip Pure range of lip balms recently, which is catered even for people with sensitive lips!
Mentholatum’s Lip Pure range are made from 100% natural food grade ingredients and contain no preservatives and colorants. It is also formulated with gentle beeswax formula that has emollient, soothing and softening properties that helps skin to retain moisture.

It also contains antioxidant of Vit E and grape seed oil, shea butter oil, almond oil, aloe vera extract and jojoba oil. Sounds moisturizing enough?

#1 Mentholathum Lip Pure Honey Lemon Lip Gel

The first one I’m reviewing is the Honey Lemon Lip Gel. As seen in the picture, this lip balm comes in a tube form and the gel can be applied with a gentle squeeze. Smells exactly like the honey lemon drink, this has got to be one delicious lip balm!

The lip gel goes on colourless and smooth.

There is also slight glitter particles! Can you see?

This lip gel is moisturizing enough for daily usage, and glossy enough to double up as a lip gloss. One might either find the look glossy, or just simply oily. I’m not so much of that look though, as it makes me appear as if I haven’t wipe my lips after food. It really depends on you. I find that this lip gel is better to go with makeup so as to look clean and well, not oily. :p

On the other hand, I’m a fan of the taste. It really really taste like Honey Lemon! Even so, PLEASE DO NOT CONSUME IT OKAY.

#2 Mentholathum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm 

The next item would be the Fragrance Free lip balm. Like most of the other lip balm, this product comes in a “lipstick” tube. The texture is waxy but glides on pretty smoothly as well.

I was worried about it being dry on the lips but boy was I wrong! It was moisturizing and yet not over the top!

It immediately transform my lips into kissable pout! I love it!

It does a decent job in keeping my lips soft, supple and moisturized.

Although these two are not on top of my favourite list, I’m not chucking them away as they did a relatively good job in keeping lips soft for at least two hours. I will place them in my bag and use them everytime! ^^

Price: Lip gel (12g), Lip balm (4g), $7.90 each
Availability:  Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice and all major supermarkets and departmental stores

1. To get baby soft lips, exfoliate your lips with a towel or a baby toothbrush and then apply your favourite lip balm to sleep.
2. Do not lick your lips as the more you lick, the drier your lips become. Instead find some water and drink!


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