Manna Story: Korean Bimbimbap!

You see, I generally don’t bring camera out on normal school days. So I relied on my Instagram (@Vivianism ) to take pictures (on food especially)! HAHA.
My classmates and I decided to go to Manna Story, a Korean Restaurant located at Jcube. And did I mention that I’m in love with Korean food recently? Lunching at Manna Story was a perfect idea! HAH!

First, side dishes were served. Each bowl is pretty small in size but they are refillable. And there’s quite a bit of varieties. My favourite would be the beansprouts, kim chi and tao gua. The only thing that they missed out is POTATOES!!

To be honest, there is not many selection in the menu, so we all ordered the same dish – Bimbimbap! Mine was with beef while some of my classmates ordered Chicken.
The Bimbimbap WAS DELICIOUS! The taste was great with the sauce they provided and the vegetables were so crunchy that you just can’t stop eating. I cleared the whole bowl of rice. It was good!

My friend told us that the other time we go, they had pancake ON THE HOUSE. I thought it was just an one-off basis. But to my surprise, we had the PANCAKE TOO! It was just a simple pancake, not kimchi pancake or whatever. But having it free definitely makes everyone happy. This was not bad, albeit a little oily. But everyone did enjoyed it. Watermelon was also served.

The best thing was we only paid $15+ per person so it was quite worth it!

Manna Story 
Jcube #04-19


Which other Korean Restaurant do you recommend? Leave a comment below to tell me! ^^


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