Pre-fall? Narhx, just pre-monsoon outfits

In Singapore, we don’t have four seasons, but we do have periods of time where it rains pretty often.
The weather can get a little chilly than usual. Staying in air-conditioned room can be like “autumn” at times.

Went to watch a Chinese play 《草本纲目》at Drama Center today and here’s what I wore today:

I wore my all time favourite polka dot tie-knot blouse out and pair it with a skirt that resembles a fighting fish. These pieces are not new; they are the type that I will always pick out to wear.

The skirt is pretty isn’t it? I always feel like dancing in this but I can never dance. =x I’ve not seen any similar skirts as of now and it only cost me $10. Good buy. ^^

My bag which I got it recently. Can be hand-held and sling too.

My sister’s casual and laid back outfit. Her signature ear piece, flip-flop and glasses make the outfit unique!


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