Introducing The New Miracle: La Mer

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It has been a great honour to be invited to La Mer’s workshop. The first time I was invited I couldn’t make it due to work, but this time round I thought I have to take leave to attend this event cos I really really want to go! Why? Cos I’ve heard about all the good things in La Mer’s Moisturizing cream and I would most definitely want to witness it myself.

If you haven’t heard of La Mer, here’s introducing you to ….

The origin of the Miracle Cream

La Mer is well recognized for their Moisturzing Cream that began with an accident and ended with a miracle. Half a century ago, the founder who was an aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber (yes not a beautician or a chemist) suffered burns in a laboratory accident. Neither medicine nor science offered the benefits Huber desperately sought, so he began a personal quest to transform the look of his skin. After 12 years, and 6000 experiments (no idea how they count), he perfected the nutriuent-rich Miracle Broth, source of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation.

The Miracle Broth

When La Mer first arrived in Singapore, this miracle cream was sold out completely in just 2 weeks time! All the other ladies who have been wanting to try this Miracle  Cream have to wait because the process of making the miracle broth takes a bit of time.

The Miracle Broth consists of Sea Kelp with potent nourishing properties and an endless ability to regenerate. Dr. Huber hand-harvested and fermented kelp gently with simple, pure ingredients, infusing them with light and sound (cos he’s a physicist and there’s a whole lot of science behind this, which I won’t bother to explain), until they became the precious, nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, soul of the cream that renewed and helped restore the look of his skin. Today, the Miracle Broth lies at the heart of every La Mer product. Deeply nurturing, it transforms the complexion, leaving skin softer, firmer, virtually ageless. 

[picture credit: google image]

This is the Sea Kelp that contains essential vitamins and minerals.

Today, La Mer has launched a new texture of their original cream – The Moisturizing  Soft Cream. Prior to this launch, La Mer also has other textures of the original creme de la mer to suit different skin type – the gel cream, the moisturizing lotion, the oil absorbing lotion and of course the orignal cream. With the addition of the Soft Cream, La Mer now has five different textures for customers to choose from.

Of course, regardless of the textures, they all contain the nourishing Miracle Broth and also Lime Tea Extract.

All the bloggers are listening attentively. Heh.


The most popular textures are of course the original creme de la mer  and also the gel cream which is most suitable for our hot and humid climate.
I reckon the soft cream would be another big hit.

Here’s a swatch of the 3 different textures.

While blending …

The gel cream goes on light and refreshing,
The original cream goes on thick and luxurious and
The soft cream goes on smooth and soft. The texture is a in-between.

The moisturizing soft cream delivers miraculous benefits in a supple new texture. It penetrates deeply to replenish moisture and strengthen skin. Renewed and energized, skin looks youthfully radiant.

Which textures should you use? 

I suggest dry skin to use the Original Creme De La Mer as it is the thickest cream that provides the maximum hydration. You can use the Moisturizing Soft Cream in the day time if you want a lighter texture.
For oily skin, I recommend using the Moisturizing Gel Cream or the oil absorbing lotion. The Oil Absorbing Lotion is oil-free and leaves skin with a soft, matte finish. But I heard that the gel cream would be a better option.
For combination skin, I recommend using the Moisturizing Gel Cream or the Moisturizing Lotion in the day time and the Moisturizing Soft Cream in the night time.

Alternatively, you can choose the textures according to the type of look you want to achieve.
For Dewy look, choose the original Creme De La Mer
For Luminous look, choose the Moisturizing Soft Cream
For Satin look, choose the Moisturizing Lotion
For Velvet look, choose the Moisturizng Gel Cream
For Matte look, chooe the Oil ABsorbing Lotion

Next, the bloggers were told to make our very own apple enzyme that has anti-oxidant properties and anti-cancer properties. It is also good for slimming!
I will share with you the recipe in making the enzyme in another blog post.

That’s me, Jasmine (co-founder of Black Market) and Michelle ( and our enzymes!

On a randome note, Estee Lauder’s office is beautiful!!!!

SEE! So pretty right?! Such a nice working place. 🙂

Anw, La Mer is holding a skincare workshop.  Be the first to experience the The Moisturizing Soft Cream. Secrets of healing and beautiful skin will be revealed in the sessions. Learn and master simple tips to an effortless youthful skin. 

The two hour interactive hands-on session allows you to experience the proper techniques on one’s personalized skincare regime. A delectable selection of pastries will be served. With compliments of la Mer, all participants will receive a welcome gift and seats availability is on first come, first served basis. 

Venue: The Fairmont Hotel Mercury Room, Level 3
               Raffles City Convention Centre 80 Bras Basah Road S189560 
Date: 6-9 Sep 2012 (Thus – Sun) 
Sessions: 10am – 12pm/3pm – 5pm/7pm-9pm 
Registration: $80 per guest/ $120 for 2 guests (fully redeemable for La Mer Skincare. $60 vouchers each for 2 reigstered guests) 
Reservation: Shenme Pang  Email: or call 90562202
Closing Date: 3 Sep 2012 


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