I love to read!

Hey peeps,

This year I’ve been carrying out my resolution to pick a book and read as and when I’m free. And I realised I really love reading. Almost every night, I would sit on my bed and read a chapter or two before going to sleep, immersing in the story plot and feel the excitement/pain/anger/confusion the leads in the story are going through. Contrary to my personality, I actually read VERY SLOWLY. There are a few reasons behind this. One is that I tend to fall asleep after half an hour of concentration (getting old). Two is, I don’t want to end the story that fast. I would love to get myself INTO the book and enjoy every bit.

It is only through reading, I can escape from realism and enter into a different world. Perhaps this is also the reason why I love the theatre and acting. Because sometimes you get tired of being in the current world and you just want to escape, escape into a different world.

This semester made me realise I should do the things I’ve always wanted to do. Time is so precious. I cannot think of how I would miss my life now when I really start to work. By then, I’m not even sure if reading is possible anymore.


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