Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye

I’ve not invested in any high-end eye cream before and have actually stopped using eyecream for quite awhile before I started noticing my dark circles becoming more obvious and and my fine lines worsening. So in May, after some research done on the Internet, I decided to invest in Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream.

At a whopping price of $80, I have high expectation of this eye cream naturally. I’ve been using this eye cream for roughly 3 months. I suppose 3 months is a good gauge to see if an eye cream works.

My concern: Dark eye cirles, puffiness and fine lines.

What it claims [information obtained from]: 
This silky serum-gel helps dramatically reduce the look of every key sign of aging around the fragile eye area:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Puffiness
  • Dark circles
  • Dryness
  • Uneven skintone

Because skin around your eyes is about 4X thinner than anywhere else on your face, it’s more vulnerable to environmental damage.

It is also where you’ll see the signs of aging to be the most exaggerated.

Their exclusive Chronolux™ Technology helps skin optimize its natural repair processes to reduce the look of the fine lines and wrinkles that can appear first around your eyes.

One thing that I do not like about this product is the packaging. Although a spatula was given to me, I’ve lost the spatula because seriously, how do you really keep those small little things and make sure you wash them every time before you use? I ended up using my ring finger to dig the product out. Not so hygiene in this sense. I do wish they can come up with a pump out design next time.

The best thing about this eye cream has got to be its gel texture. I really love how this texture is on my eyes. They are not as thick as creams that will give me milla seeds, yet they are hydrating enough with a gel consistency like this. Some of the eye cream I’ve used are pretty watery and can make a mess during application.

My verdict: 
This eye cream definitely helps in dark circles and puffiness. I find that on days when I skipped the cream, my eyes tend to be slightly puffier. My dark circles has also improved. Before using this eye cream, I will have to conceal my dark circles even if I decide to go without makeup. But this time round, I find that I looked okay even without a concealer. So thumbs up for that! It is also hydrating enough. My eye area felt smoother too! As for fine lines and wrinkles, on some days it seems better but on other days it just seems the same. My fine lines have not disappeared, but they are not worsened either. So if you are looking for something to diminish your wrinkles, this is not for you. I do feel that it can help to prevent new wrinkles though.

Will I buy again?
A definite YES!  Despite the high cost, I still think this eye cream is worth it!


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