Korean Hot Pot!

So the youngest cousin has stepped into the army world now. We had a “farewell” and “good luck” dinner together at this Korean Restaurant called Woorinara, located along Jalan Jurong Kechill Road. Yeah, I know right! Korean food again! HAHA.

The side dishes were okay ~ I wish there were more varieties.

This is GOOD! I mean it doesn’t look that good BUT


And then we have the Kimchi pancake. I seriously don’t know why the rest of them don’t like to eat Kimchi. I mean, what’s korean food without Kimchi? But then again, they also fell in love with this pancake. Shows how good this is!

The main lead is here ~ KOREAN HOT POT. Many asked if this is spicy. Hmm, I still think the spice level is moderate and acceptable to me. I can take the heat. ^^ LOVE IT. Well, probably except that there’s not much varieties of ingredients in it.

And the rest of the pictures are just me and my cousins. ^^

We also proceed onto having Udders ice-cream for dessert!

This street is so near yet it’s the first time we’ve explored the place.

Hopefully the boy will get used to Army life soon~! 


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