Super Granny’s BIG DAY AGAIN! =D

Another year has passed. It’s SUPER GRANNY’S BIRTHDAY AGAIN! Hehe.
Granny has been in and out of hospital so many times this year. May she continue to grow strong and happy each day.

Granny is blessed with so many filial children. When I think about life, the ultimate happiness is not about money or career; it is about who is with you till the very end. A happy family should be one’s ultimate goal in life imo.

What old people need is a pair of listening ear. We sat there listening to what Granny has to say. She’s like on repeat mode so often that kept us laughing and quite entertained. lol. Granny kept asking whether my sis or me is the younger sis. lolol. Actually, not only Granny can’t tell apart, many of my friends and acquaintances  can’t tell too. Granny also kept telling Prawn to save money so that he can marry me. LOL. She also tell us that a R/S is not a play thing and that we should take it seriously. She told us not to date for too long, and should get married after 3 years. LOL. But what she doesn’t know is that we have already been in a r/s for more than that number. =x Oh well, to me, a number is just a number. It doesn’t say anything about the r/s except for how long you’ve been together.

And then we discovered an awesome app to cam-whore. LOL. The girls are at it again. ^^

This is the third year Prawn went to my popo’s birthday. =)

Prawn brought a baby guitar today! And my papa was relieving his “guitar moments”. My dad used to be good at A LOT of musical instruments. I’m in awe.

And lastly, outfit of the day! =D

Tie-front shirt with spag + flare trousers and my huge Carlo Rino Bag as I had work prior to this celebration.

The flare trousers always made me look tall.


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