Zap those pores

This is another sponsored review. But don’t exit! You will get to see my naked skin and my current skin care products, so read on!

For a really long while, I didn’t dare to post up my super naked skin because as you all know I had a breakout. I had clogged pores, pimples, acne marks all over the skin. Although they are pretty much well-covered under makeup, I did not feel confident because I don’t feel good going bare-face.

Recently I went for Facial and had all the junks extracted out. It was a new beginning to my skin. My skin feels clean and READY FOR A FRESH START. lol. For a week, I steered clear from all the serums and only stick to the basic skin care – cleanse, tone, moisturize. I cleanse my skin nightly with Fancl makeup remover and oatmeal cleanser. I also used Avene cleanance gel in the day time. For toner, I stick to my Avene Thermal Water Spray and for my moisturizer I use La Mer Soft Cream nightly and Dr G Aquasis Gel moisturizer in the day. I will change my moisturizer again very soon as these are just sample sizes which I’m trying to use up.

On the second week, I started incorporating serums again. I would use Guerlain Blanc de Perle whitening essence to get rid of my acne spots. I also started using SK2 Facial Treatment essence and Methode Swiss Pore Minimizing Serum on big pores in the night time. I deep cleanse my skin with Sonic Cleanse weekly and masking as well.

I’m only in the third week of skin care regime and my skin has NEVER BEEN THIS GOOD FOR A LONG WHILE. This photo is NOT PHOTOSHOPPED at all. TOTALLY ZERO makeup (not even my eyebrows) except for my sun screen.

My skin is still not perfect. If you do notice, I have huge pores. Although the pore minimizing serum that I have started using seem to make my pores smaller by a little, my pores are still huge and visible to the eyes.

Makeup is still need to conceal the pores!

I bet the secret is working because I was wishing for the Benefit Porefessional in my Bella Box and although I didn’t get it in the box, I was sponsored the full retail size product from Cozycot! MUCH LOVES. I’ve been wanting to try this out for a really long while.

This is the newer packaging that reveals a spy girl with her ray gun that promises to zap away all pores.

This is the ingredient list. Do take note it contains Dimethicone that can potentially clog pores if you do not remove it properly. But it is also Dimethicone that gives a smooth finishing.

Although it comes out a beige colour, it goes on transparent on the skin. It is light-weight and smooth when you apply it.
Do take note that you should pat the product it and not rub it onto the skin. It has an oil-free formula and contains Vitamin E. It can be applied alone, under or over makeup.

My thoughts:  This product matifies the skin and does minimize my pores as seen from the picture. However, if I do top it up with my BB cream, the pores can once again be seen. I reckon that I should use this product over BB cream or Liquid Foundation for better results. It does not cake up my makeup and leaves a really smooth finishing on my skin.

Using the Porefessional alone makes my skin close to perfect!

Here’s another picture and cheers to me for having relatively good skin that was not seen for a long while.

Price: $48 
Available at all Benefit Counters 


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