D.I.Y Green and Red Apple Enzymes

Science had proven that apple contains Flavonoids and Polyphenois, and when you consume both together will have a very good effect of preventing cancer and anti-oxidant. Also, it has an effect to help slim down and relieves QI. But for those who is lacking of energy (气虚者), it is better not to eat too much. Adding lemons can also help to kill germs and bacteria.

I knew about making the Green and Red Apple Enzymes from the La Mer’s event I attended the other day!
So may I share this recipe with you? ^^

First of all, get the apparatus ready – a chopping board, knife and huge glass jar (2 liter pack) like the above.
You will also need these ingredients:
300g green apples
300g red apples
300g lemons
700g brown sugar blocks

1. Wash green apples, red apples and lemons until clean and set aside to let it dry in the air. Wash knife, glass jar and other utensils until clean and put under hot sun to dry.

2. Remove green apples skin and red apples skin (it is fine if you don’t. I didn’t for mine.), remove the core and slice thinly Halve open lemon together with skin, remove seeds and slice thinly.

3. Spread all green apples on the bottom of glass, spread 200g of sugar, follow by all red apples, then 200g of sugar again and lastly spread all lemons and 300g of sugar. Just make sure the highest layer is sugar and remember don’t fill until too full, leave some space for the ingredients to ferment.

4. Cover the glass with lid. Do not close it too tight, leave a bit of air for the enzymes.

5. Lastly, keep the glass in a dry, clean and shady place for 4 weeks. If the enzymes smell sweet and didn’t grow black mildews or fungus or whatever, then you just need to strain away the bits and enzymes are ready!

6. Keep ready made enzymes fresh in the fridge. Mix 3 teaspoons of enzymes into 1 cup of water, stir to mix well and serve it every morning!


We looked so happy with all enzymes:

I’m still not sure if mine has succeeded or not. Would really love to try them if it does!
Let me know if you did try this out at home. 🙂


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