A new theatre experience – Project Mending Sky: Us

Attended a new drama experience titled “Project Mending Sky: Us” a week ago with my boyfriend and sister.

Project Mending Sky: Us is the third and final instalment of the Project Mending Sky (Sky) series, begun as an independent project in 2008 to give people a greater awareness of our environment. It has grown from free performances outside HDBs to its latest incarnation, a walking tour along the Green Corridor to look for the legendary Monkey Man.”

It was rumored that in 1805 and 1996,  someone has seen a man who is as tall as 2m and has big feet and he behaved like a monkey, hence the name Monkey Man. The objective of this play is of course not the Monkey Man, but rather using Monkey Man as a linkage, to help us better understand the environment, natural environment in this case. And of course, everyone would have felt differently at the end of this play. And it’s okay.

The whole experience was unique and interesting as this was the first time we stepped out of a theatre and enjoyed a play. It was a discovery trip as we explored the environment while we walked along Bukit Timah Railway Track.

Their props were made from recycled materials. The actors were mainly senior citizens because  they wanted to partner seniors with younger people, younger audiences. Seniors grew up with fewer resources, and know how to use them more prudently. Those not working often think how to contribute back to society. Well, they have wisdom to share with younger people who create the most waste: people like us.

There were puppetry which they managed to instill life in those puppets. I recalled the days when my secondary school drama club also engaged The Fingers Player to teach us a trick or two on puppetry. It was fun but it was sure difficult, especially when you want to instill emotions and feelings into them. Drama Box did really well that night.

Even though the “Monkey Man” was not found, I enjoyed the experience and my take away that night was that the “Monkey Man” has brought all of us together, and enjoying the serenity of nature together. My boyfriend even met his classmate whom he has not seen for 3 years there! When asked, will you miss this place 30 years down the road? I said yes.


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