Food Tasting: Indian Curry House

The Street Directory kindly invited the bloggers to a food tasting session at  Indian Curry House located at Expo for some North Indian Cuisine! Although I’m not that into Indian Cuisine, I cannot deny that I love roti prata, nann, indian curry and indian mutton! Woo, just blogging about it makes me salivate!

Because it was still early, we took the chance to take some pictures outside  Indian Curry House. LOL.

We were quite surprised that they do home delivery too! So now, you can have their awesome food at the comfort of your home too!

Empty restaurant. Not because their business was bad, but because it was a weekday and Indians usually have their meals late. At 9pm onwards, customers were flocking in! If people have to travel all the way to Expo just to have their food, it can’t be bad. That’s what I think.

The counter. So it seems like the bloggers have the entire restaurant to ourselves. lol.

My sister and I ordered Mango Juice and Apple Juice respectively. Didn’t order their tea because I was afraid of insomnia.

Appetizer was the Koropok plus the green looking sauce (I think its yogurt). Hmm, the green sauce tasted a little minty but weird. It’s not for me.

FINALLY FOOD! lol. First dish was tandoori chicken. *My recommendation

At first I thought the chicken looked tough, but boy was I wrong! The chicken was tender and soft enough. I LOVE THIS. One of the best dish which I will recommend. The bloggers looked satisfied with the chicken that we were nodding our heads at each other.

And then, we had fish cakes. This was okay, but not that fantastic.

Saffron Rice was served. Saffron rice is a dish made from saffron, white rice and also usually vegetable bouillon. Not much flavour but I reckon this is so that it will goes well with other dishes.

Next favourite! Garlic Nann!! *My recommendation
I have always love Nann, but eating a Garlic flavoured one was first for me. Having it crisply done was yet another first! This one was so crispy and so good that I honestly think everyone should try.

Try it with this butter chicken‘s sauce! *My recommendation. You will love it. The sauce is sweet and savory. It does not have a strong taste so much so that it will cover the taste of the nann. It was just nice and complimented the nann a lot. On its own, the butter chicken was soft and chewy. It went well with the rice too!

Evidence of me enjoying my meal. lol. I’m sorry I had to eat it like the zhup chai ben‘s way.

We also had Mutton Curry. This was good on its own, but not with the nann as the taste was stronger and covered up the natural flavour of the nann. Mutton + Curry = MY FAVOURITE! *My recommendation

Next, it was the chilli garlic prawn. This was nice, albeit nothing special. But the prawns were already peeled so eating them was a breeze!

As the indians have a sweet tooth, desserts after meal is a must!

We tried Kulfi. It is milk condensed half and frosted like ice-cream with pistachio or cardamorns. Okay, honestly, this didn’t suit my taste. It was WAY TOOO SWEET. There were 3 on the plate and I couldn’t even complete one of them.

We also tried Gulab Jamun.

It is milk dumpling fried and simmered in sugar syrup. This was better than the Kulfi, and I did manage to finish it. But still, it was very sweet. I don’t fancy stuffs that are overly sweet.

Ending off the night with a group picture of all the bloggers and the boss. : )

Indian Curry House- North Indian Tandoori Cuisine
1 Expo Drive, #01-44 Singapore Expo
Singapore 486150

Tel: 65883324 Fax: 65874961


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