Review: Love More Mountain Tea Face Mask

Sponsored Review

Do you know that Love More has another range of masks for you beauties to choose from?

These masks are infused with deep ocean water as essence base for deep moisturization.

The ones in the picture are Loofah & Aloe Vera, Wine Yeast and Pearl Barley & Milk respectively.
Loofah & Aloe Vera – this mask keep your skin refreshed and hydrated while helps repair and refine skin texture.
Wine Yeast –  this mask helps in whitening and refines skin, resulting in fair and soft supple skin.
Pearl Barley & Milk – Barkley is raved for its whitening properties and it is rich in protein and vit B1, B2 and other nutrients. It is best for maximum revitalizing effect. With this mask, no more oily shine and the skin will glow in radiance, feels firmer and smoother.

Because I slept at 3.30am on one night, my skin was relatively tired and dull the next morning. I picked this Mountain Tea mask to salvage my skin.

This mask is full of anti-oxidant that can help to perk up dull, tired skin. It can also help to diminish the pores .

Tip: Use a face mask before makeup can ensure that the makeup stays longer and adheres on the skin better.

This skin-fit mask sheet is made from all natural silk and because the mask sheet is thin, the goodness of the essence can be penetrated deeply into the skin with the best coverage. I really like how this mask sheet adheres to my skin.

A before-after picture shows the effect of this mask. It brightens up my complexion and hydrates the skin. The pores have also become significantly smaller. As for lifting effect, I can’t really tell.

I think this mask is great! I can’t wait to try out the rest of them.

You can get the masks at
Join their FB page here.


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