My life is packed with wonderful things

Haven’t been updating about my life that much ever since I have twitter, facebook and instagram where updates can be so instantly. lol.
So here’s some of my instagram pictures to let you know what I’ve been up to recently! 🙂 You can follow me both on twitter and instagram (@viviansim).

S and me in school’s library. This semester is such a relaxing one and before I knew it, recess week is here. I mean, I haven’t started any serious work and holiday is here again. lol. I really wish this semester never ends because I’m so happy with this kinda of life.

Prawn and I have been exploring the arts pretty often. One of it was this Japanese cultural performance. But honestly, I don’t really know how to appreciate cos I ended up falling asleep in one of their dance performance. We left earlier too. lol.

That’s me and prawn in the theatre!

After constant nagging, qi zai finally bathed!!! LOL. Look how smiley he is now. This furry little thing is sooo cute.

I just completed “fifty shades of grey” and I started this book out of curiosity. lol. It was not a bad read albeit I still don’t know what’s wrong with this Christian Grey and I can never imagine myself falling in love with this kind of guy who has such a fetish.

Take a selca when you are bored. lol. Helps kill some time.

Our school has a new food court and the laska IS GOOD. I mean, good enough la, if you think about food in school.

Thanks to sis, I had Lao Ban again!

I recently bought the squirrel mascot material pack from Daiso and sewed it for Prawn. Reason being? Narhx, just being sweet. HAHAHA. He says I looked like a squirrel, so the choice made. lol. Say real one, not that easy to sew cos it is so tiny but I did it, With the guidance of my sister!

Packing some products out because I will be holding a flea at scape on 6 october!!! THERE WILL BE LOTS AND LOTS OF BEAUTY AND MAKE UP PRODUCTS SELLING AT CHEAP PRICES!! You should mark your calender down. I will have more info about this.

On one fine day, I happened to see Dblchin’s ootd on instagram and she was seen wearing an identical blouse as me!! lol.

This was taken yesterday at my friend’s hall. Err…we were watching Taiwanese variety program and snacking away. lol.

We stayed back in school to attend some latern festival celebration in school.

The night view in school…

The moon..have you had your mooncakes yet? ^^ I only had one tiny one so far. lol.

The sinful but shiok brownie!! =D

And so you can tell, my life is wonderful at the moment. 🙂


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