Review: Sexylook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask


Mask review again! This time it is Sexylook’s Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask!

I was immediately attracted to the fact that they contain Caviar Extract and Bird Nest! Caviar extract is rich in nutrition and can help delay aging, repair damaged skin and firm sagging skin. Bird nest with collagen added to the mask, gives the skin a double moisture to keep skin supple, elastic and shiny with moisture factor.

This material is not flimsy and will not be easily torn. But compared to the previous Love More Mountain Tea mask that I reviewed, this sheet mask is on the thicker side. I personally prefer Love More’s material although I do not have complains with regards to this.

3D mask for lifting effect! This one is bigger and much more comfortable. I remembered there was once the 3D mask hurts my ear but this one doesn’t!

Effect of the mask as seen by the picture. I did not see a huge brightening effect, but I observed my skin to be calmer (less red), softer and more supple! There is also a slight lifting effect after finishing.

And just for laugh, I uploaded this on Instagram yesterday. How many of you do the same thing as me? ^-^

You can get the masks from


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