Achieving an “egg” shape face with makeup

In an attempt to follow the tutorial on Vivi mag but failed terribly. lol. I don’t look like the vivi model at all. -.-
Nonetheless, posting this look up because I still think I look quite pretty. =D  The focus of this look is a round forehead, chub cheeks but small jaw, an “egg” face shape.

For the eye make up, it is actually the same tutorial I did before here so I’m not going to repeat myself . Well, except that this time round, instead of mascara, I applied falsies.

The part that I am most satisfied about this look is the base makeup. It is dewy and translucent enough! If you are someone who only loves matte base makeup, then this is not for you.

Prior to makeup application, I had used a 2B alternative for face mask for lifting effect.

These are the items I used for this look:
1 – Laneige Soothing BB Cushion (in 21 Natural Beige) 
This BB cream gives a smooth and very natural finish. It doesn’t change my skin colour at all, but makes it more even and dewy only.
2 – Guerlain Meteorites Powder in Teint Rose 
I love this loose powder as it is very light and has slight shimmer in it that brightens my skin and make it glow subtly. It also do not have the powdered look even if I accidentally use too much of it.
3 – Mac Cream colour base highlighter (shell frost) 
To make your forehead pop, use a highlighter to highlight it! I love how this cream highlighter is easy to apply and the shimmers aren’t huge specks that looks too obvious.
4 – Shishedo Bronzer in Shade 1 Light Clair 
I seldom use a bronzer but for this look I had used a bronzer on my hairline to reduce the length of the forehead. I also used it on my jaw to make my jaw slimmer.

Check out the Mac Highlighter …

I love the shimmer and the slight peachy colour!

1. Apply the BB cream by patting it in all over the face.
2. Dust loose powder (with slight shimmer) with a brush.
3. Highlight your forehead (in a huge “n” shape for a rounder forehead), chin and nose with a highlighter.
4. Brush the bronzer along your hairline on the forehead and your jaw for slimmer look. Do not use the bronzer on your cheek as this is one of the prominent feature in this look.

PS: I drew on additional 2 moles…can you spot them?


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