Bella Box’s TGIF Party

Thank god it’s FRIDAY! How are you spending your Friday?
Well, I will be spending my Friday working on project and assignment.
Wish I had the same TGIF party by Bella Box today!

Wore this long black maxi dress out that night. I super love how comfy the whole outfit is.

Enjoying a glass of champagne while waiting for the party to start. Ahh..the night is awesome!

Sis was there as well!

The bloggers were allocated a booth each. And here I am, with my sis, at the Aveda Station first.

Aveda has a range of products ranging from hair care to skin care and to body care!

We had a therapeutic session by the Aveda girls. Here, my sis was told to inhale a relaxing essential oil of her choice deeply.

We also had a neck massage!

She was using Blue Oil Concentrate. This stress-relieving blue oil helps dissolve tension and raise energy levels with the balancing aromas of refreshing peppermint and soothing blue camomile. *My recommendation

I feel like buying this! But nobody to give me massage leh. 😦

I also had a hair makeover by their stylist!

These are the products he used on my hair.

And also not forgetting this hair volumizing spray.

My big waves for the rest of the night. Hair looks pretty shiny!

Next, we moved onto other booths.

Here is Elizabeth Arden‘s gorgeous eyeshadow palette!

I was introduced to a new brand: Bioderma. This is their award winning makeup remover cum cleanser. Makeup can be easily removed with this “water” and cotton pad. No rinsing is required too! I was so amazed that I had to try it out when I get home. The water feels refreshing on the skin and yes no oily feeling or whatsoever. No particular smell as well. It takes about two cotton pad to remove my entire makeup. Eye makeup with this water can be a little challenge though. I think this would be perfect on lazy days as well as days when I only had little makeup on. *My recommendation 

MUA Larry Yeo demonstrated the use of this water and said that this is a hot favourite among makeup artists as they need to remove makeup very quickly during shows.

The girls at Petronille taught us how to make our own d.i.y srub! Here’s mine. Hehe.

Petronille has designed a line of new edge skincare products that are both customisable and highly active to target the skin’s specific needs, for both men and women. This unique skincare brand, made in Singapore, uses highly active ingredients to create targeted products.

One of my favourite hair oil to use! Macadamia oil! This is especially beneficial to dry damaged hair. It helps control the frizz, reduces drying time by 40% to 50% and has natural UV protection! *My recommendation

Cool looking lipstick


Now time for Bella Box buffet!! We were allowed to pick up the products we like in this box.

Here’s mine! 🙂

And for the record, this is one of those event that I get home with plentiful of goodies. Aww.

When I got home, I took down my hair ties and gotten beautiful waves like this! Love it!

Thank you Bella Box for the awesome night!
I hope you get a chance to try out these brands when you sign up for Bella Box. 😀 


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