Casio Exilim JE10 review


Guess what? I’m SOOO EXCITED!! Like literally excited!! I *squeal* in joy upon knowing that I was selected to be one of the bloggers to review this sweetheart camera!! OMG. This has been ONE OF MY WISH and true enough, if you wish hard for something, if you believe you will get it, YOU WILL! #Thesecret is working its magic on me.


Let’s welcome Casio Exilim JE10 to be part of my family.
I’ve heard so much about Casio cameras and in fact my sis owns a Casio camera too! I love her camera so much that I’m really very excited to be receiving a Casio camera for review.

This camera is especially designed for the women consumers. You will see why.

Firstly, the design of this camera IS SO PRETTY that I wanna die! Casio Exilim JE10 comes in 3 colours – White, Black and Pink, and they also come in their matchy or contrasting jackets.

I was told that I was the only one who chose the White colour camera. Looks like many pretty ladies out there prefer Pink. Well, personally I love this white one so much because of the GOLD rim and the contrasting brown jacket that makes the camera looks so pretty and vintage. Talk about looking stylish. This one is definitely fashion forward.

The camera jacket is also extremely secure so you won’t have to worry about your camera dropping out.

Secondly, this camera’s button is in JOYSTICK form so that any girls with long fingernails can manipulate the buttons easily. THIS IS GREAT. Although I do not have long fingernails, I suppose this is one good invention for girls who always complain about not able to press the buttons easily with their nails.

Thirdly, this camera is so slim and small that it is able to fit into any clutch or handbags! Say you are going for a dinner and you want a better camera other than your phone, take this Casio Exilim JE10 with you.

Performance + Stylish + Small = FOR THE WIN

This camera comes with powerful 16.1 megapixel and a 26mm wide-angle lens with a 5x optical zoom. It comes packed with advanced features including Casio’s Premium AUTO function, which automatically analyzes the shooting scene to choose the best settings and performs image processing.

For the ladies, cam-whoring is always a MUST, be it with your girlfriends or boyfriend and even with your cats and dogs. Let’s welcome “MAKEUP MODE”. Nothing makeup can’t do. :p

I tested out this mode on a random dating date with my boyfriend. ^-^

Clear, sharp and flawless skin texture that looks natural! GREAT. I already have makeup on but this mode turns my skin beautifully smooth. My boyfriend’s skin also turned out great without pores.

The colour of the picture stays neutral and true to its real colour, unlike many other cameras that will auto enhance the colours that make the pictures a little “fake” looking.

At low light, the picture doesn’t turn pixilated too!

Not too bad. This camera is pretty awesome for the cam-whores.

Picture perfect even when I just woke up. :p

Here’s some food shots.

Food without flash. The picture turns out rather flat, and I’m presuming because it doesn’t have great Macro.

With flash, food does look better!

Another one!

This camera also comes in 8 Best Shots mode for you to create artistic looking pictures.

Below I’m trying out “Toy Camera” mode to take pictures of products.

As a beauty blogger, I often have to take product shots. This “toy camera” mode makes my product look awesome on pictures even without editing! Saves me lots of editing time.

This camera unfortunately do not have great Macro, but with “toy camera”, this is somehow compensated.

Random wall of mine.

Toy camera mode on toy.

More updates soon on my overall user experience with this camera. So far, this camera is great in taking portraits and fun shots with the various modes available. 🙂
There will also be Facebook contest starting from 24 Oct! So stay tune to my second blog post.
Check out official Exilim JE10 website here and FB page here.


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