My overall experience with Casio Exilim JE10

Hello everybody,

Really really sorry for not blogging these few days. I have just ended a project and am starting to plan for my overseas trips. So hmm…kinda neglected my blog a bit. But today I’m back with more pictures!! Hehe.

All pictures in this blog post is taken with Casio Exilim JE 10. They are non-edited.

Went for Shabu Shabu with my sis at Liang Court. ^-^ 

The above pictures are taken with Premium Auto Mode. How do you find the pictures taken indoor? Personally I feel that it looks good even without any editing. I would rate it a 7.5/10 for a low light indoor setting.

I also had some night shots taken!

Without Flash

Using “Night Scene Protrait” mode

With normal Flash. The flash wasn’t empowering or overexposed. Not bad!

My sis and me under normal flash. We didn’t turn “white” despite being so fair.

Here’s another random dating day. Normally I don’t take much photos that frequently but I’m trying to test out my camera! haha!

Food at Soup Spoon. My first time trying!

I love the soup and eating the bread together with the soup is a perfect match! ❤

Food shots for this camera would be a 6/10. It would be perfect if this camera comes with good macro.

Then, we went to Esplanade to catch an Indonesian Dance performance at the concourse.

Auto premium mode capturing moving objects.

Now, here’s to MORE NIGHT SHOTS!

With normal flash. Do you ever think that Singapore is beautiful?

“Night Scene Portrait” Mode.

I cannot remember the mode for this picture. It should be just flash only. We took many pictures before that because most of it turned out blurred somehow.

This is with flash too.

This camera is not that stable when taking night shots. The pictures turn out relatively okay. It takes decent pictures but nothing WOW. I would rate it a 7/10 for night shots.

Let’s do what the camera does best! Self-portraits!!

Makeup Mode is really awesome! With this camera, I don’t look fat in pictures. My skin is immediately smoothen out too. The effect is especially obvious if I’m taking a closeup shot like the last picture. I would rate this a 8.5/10!

Lastly, Video! This camera comes with HD video experience. Check out my video review. Remember to set to HD mode for better view!
I had expected better video quality so I will rate this a 5/10.

Overall, I enjoyed using this camera, especially when taking portraits! ^-^ Check out my first review here
I would rate this camera an overall 7/10 for taking decent shots and for looking so compact and pretty! Aww.

This camera is retailing at $299. (Very affordable)
If you would love to win this camera, remember to follow Casio Exilim’s FB page here. There will be a contest on the 24th October. So do check it out! For more information regarding this camera, please visit their website here!


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