Combat the big pores!

Hey peeps! I wonder if you still remember that I mentioned in one of my September post that I was using a new Pore Minimizing Serum from Methode Swiss?

I was just randomly shopping with my friend one day and decided to pop into Sasa and asked for pore minimizing serum. The SA recommended Methode Swiss so I just bought it without any research done. lol. I have been using this everyday rather regularly on my T zone and cheek area, sometimes twice a day and sometimes once a day, depending on my mood. :p

The product comes in a pump bottle which I love. Nothing fanciful on the design.

This brand is from Switzerland and I’ve not heard of the brand prior to this purchase.

What it claims to do:
Methode Swiss Pore Minimizing Skin Treatment gives the skin a matified, finer and tighter texture in an instant.

Its formula effectively regulates sebaceous secretion, makes enlarged pores look significantly refined by treating their appearance from the inside out. It is extremely effective in preventing pimples as well as banishing blackheads. It leaves the skin more clarity, smoothness and virtually poreless.

The serum is non-oily and spreads very easily on the skin. It leaves a cool and matte finish on the skin.

The only way to document my progress is to take pictures! I just don’t trust my naked eyes that much.

On September 12, here’s how my skin looks like:

And on October 21, this is how my skin looks like:

Of course, the overall clarity has improved leaps and bounds. I think it is due to BRTC’s products which I will share on a later date. But check out my pores! They have obviously SHRUNK! In real life, I could still see some pores but they are A LOT smaller than before I use the serum.

I cannot believe this amazing result. I didn’t notice the vast difference until I compared the pictures.
I’m really liking this serum and it is very lasting. A little goes a long way … I am not too sure if my pores are able to shrink any further because by right pores size are fixed, but I’m still willing to continue using it and see how it goes.

I cannot remember the exact price of this product but it is definitely not very cheap.


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