Halloween in class?

So my group mates and I were dressed in emperor and concubines outfits! But no..not for Halloween. It was actually a mini drama skit put up in the classroom as part of our project. Sounds like a fun right?! Haha! We were actually learning about the Chinese Opera in class when the lecturer wanted us to do a drama skit as our project. And our group decided to act about 杨贵妃(yang gui fei) and 李隆基(li long ji)’s love story.

We had numerous rehearsals at my friend’s hall’s dance room. This is by far the most fun project ever! Definitely beats writing essays after essays. =p

Our play is on parallel dimension, so there were two 杨贵妃 in two different dimension. I was one of them!

A friend took this picture from the back of the classroom. Hah! 🙂

The emperor and his her concubine. Crossplay lor …cos not enough guys in our group.

My emperor had to leave for another class so I took another picture with this emperor. haha.

The guy beside me acts as a tree. Yeah…the only guy…but act as tree. Hahaha.


Like seriously? lol.

Members of FLOWERS! =D

And lastly the rest of my classmates. Hehe.

It was pretty entertaining watching everyone’s skits.

My makeup of the day! Purple and pink eyeshadow to suit my concubine role. lol.


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