Thought Bubbles: Are you confident?

Today’s topic is on CONFIDENCE.

Confidence by definition is “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something” and “the state of feeling certain about the truth of something”. So as it goes, if you have confidence in yourself, you would feel the certainty about yourself and you would feel great about yourself. Confidence can be carried out through the way you walk, speak and behave.

Many girls out there (and even boys) do not have much confidence about themselves and this eventually lead to low self-esteem. They feel awful about their looks and just want to hide away. I too, were once a member of low self-esteem. Do you know that I hated the camera that much when I was young? And I hated pretty dresses and long hair. I didn’t feel that I could look good in them. I was very aware of the comments made about me.  But one fine day, I started picking myself up and believe in myself. Everything just turns better all of a sudden. I even have a chance to start my own beauty blog to inspire others! Heh heh.

Cos hey, who says everyone has to look like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba? Looks are subjective and looks are not everything. There are people who cringe at you for whatever reasons, but there will still be a handful of people who love you for who you are and accept you for how you look like.

1. Think about your talents

Do you know how to sing, bake, draw or play the instruments? Talents are what made you special and unique. Remember this, that very little talent of yours are put a thousand times bigger in people’s mind because they simply can’t do it or not as well as you.

Trust me, when they think of certain talents, they would think about you as well.

2. Pay yourself compliments

Start loving yourself cos if you don’t, nobody else will. Do you hide from the mirror, thinking that you are ugly? Start looking into the mirror and find your prettiest features. Pay yourself some compliments. I personally feel that my eyes and smile are the prettiest! My eyes are huge and I have a dimple that makes my smile very sweet. ^-^ It doesn’t matter if nobody else agrees with you because what matters is you yourself feel great about yourself.

3. Know your body

Look at your wardrobe, do your apparels make you feel comfortable and confident? Or are they just plain dull and boring? Know your body and start looking for clothes that suit your body frame. For example, I know I have a smaller frame with smaller shoulders, so I always look out for clothes that can help me look bigger. I would add shoulder pads to dresses and go for tighter fit so that I don’t look drown in them. I would avoid over sized shirts or clothes with butterfly sleeves. These just make me look smaller than I already am.

4. Start taking good care of your skin.

Having great skin is one of the key factor in looking good. And once you look good, you would feel good too! Moisturize your skin and never ever leave the house without sunblock. If you do apply makeup, remember less is more on a daily basis. And also, never ever sleep without removing your makeup.

5. Pamper yourself 

Honestly I am a really lazy person who hated bathing time. But sometimes I would try to make my bathing time more enjoyable by using nicely scented shower foams and I love lathering up using a sponge. The foam just makes bathing fun! I would also soak my legs into a tub of warm water as and when I feel like it. The Body Shop has great selections in all these bathing essentials. When I go out for the whole day, I make sure I spray some perfumes of my favorite scent.  At night before I sleep, I like to spray my room with lavender scent to put me into sleeping mode. In addition, I like to wear cute pajamas and just feel good about myself!
How else can you pamper yourself? Facials, massages, spa, food and travelling? Bring it on!

6. Make someone happy

Sometimes it’s not just about you, you and you. Try and make the effort to make the people around you happy. Don’t you just feel great when your friends are happy? Drop your friends a message occasionally even if you don’t meet up, just to let them know you are still around.

Make birthday cards for them! This year, I’ve made about 7 cards for those very special friends.

This is my latest art work! Hehe.

People always appreciate hand-made gifts.

7. Talk to new people

Honestly, every now and then when I talk to new people, I became more aware of myself at the same time. I also like to surprise people with fun facts about myself that they never know before they talk to me. It makes me feel that I have more character and personality. Talk to new people and find out what they feel about you. And when they pass you some compliments, remember to accept it graciously and say thank you. ^-^

Remember, everyone is beautiful. It’s just how you look at it.

I shall end this post with the following quote:


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