I believe in Fate

Lately, it has occurred to me that fate and destiny is a very strange thing. We meet new people everyday but not all people are meant to be part of your life. Some people who used to be part of your life may have left for some reasons or another, and then, new people came in unexpectedly, to fill up the space that was once occupied. But then again, most people are part of your life and never whole of your life.

Some people seem to be there, but in actual fact they are not. Some people weren’t there, but they are always there. I’m not sure if you geddit….but that’s just life. Complicated in a simple way. Think about the ones who have stayed with you throughout and are still there for you …. they are the ones worth keeping.

I do not let people in easily (due to past experiences), but when I do, you know there’s just some strange connection between us. You never really know someone until you talk to them at 3am. Good for those who have discovered the other side of me.

Treasure those who are in your life now cos you’ll never know how much you would miss that feeling until you lost and found it again.


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