Of OOTD, food and more!

Decided to take a breather (well, a very very long breather in fact) from studying and blog about my happenings! Instagram pictures…teehee…

First off…OOTD.
Well, I haven’t been updating any new OOTD for a very long time. Here are 3 of them.

Formal look: I wore this green dress to KissJane Opening if you do remember. This is one of my favourite 淑女 dress. lol. I wear this when I’m feeling like an adult! Okay…I know. I already am. Sigh.

Semi-formal look: This was what I wore sometime back to school. This look has garnered a lot of likes from my classmates which I found it really weird. lol. Other than the fact that I was wearing long pants that day, this look is nothing special to me leh. But, I really do love this cute mini pelpum top which I presume only I can wear. lol. When I pair this top with a bandage skirt, nobody praise me. But when I pair it with the pants, so much commotions. Must be the pants. lol.

Casual look: And I wore this during a casual movie date with boyfriend. The young and vibrant me in kitty specs. Meow! I just look good in bright colours.

Which of these outfits do you love the most?

I got this pair leopard loafers recently and I’m loving it so much! Pretty much goes with anything! And leopard is MEGA LOVE.

I also bought a new bracelet at only $4!

Next is FOODIEE! Recently I’ve been making simple meals on my own at home because I simply don’t know what to have for lunch at times.

The simple spag with minced meat and tomatoes…

The porridge with my favourite braised peanuts and minced meat.

And the simple English breakfast which I had for lunch: scramble eggs, sausages(I prefer this to hotdogs), bacons and button mushrooms!

Cooked the remaining ingredients for breakfast on another day! A good day starts with good breakfast. Hehe.

Okay this is definitely not cooked by me. But this is one of my fav hawker dish – IPOH HOR FUN!! Boyfriend always introduce me good stuff. LIKE.

And the Soup Spoon’s soup really taste good.

And some of my random selcas …

Was trying hard to wink but I ended looking a little spastic. LOL.

And here’s me at the Clinique Event. Noticed something different about my eyes? I had my coloured lens on! lol.

Here’s what I’ve been doing everyday …. STUDY LOR. lol

That’s all for the nitty gritty part of my life. Follow me @vivianism on instagram for instant updates!


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