Review: BRTC BB Cream


Today I’ll be introducing you to 4 BRTC BB Creams that are available at Sasa!

From Left to Right: Jasmine Water BB Cream, Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream, Whitening and Repairing BB Cream and Gold Caviar BB Cream.

All 4 of these BB Creams are designed to cater to different skin needs.
Jasmine – Sensitive Skin
Aqua – Dry Skin
Whitening – Whitening/Anti-aging
Gold Caviar – Anti-aging

As you all know, I am a big fan of BB cream and I have my own favourite BB creams to use. Will these BB creams win my current favourite? Let’s check it out!

Colour Swatch

Firstly, here’s a colour swatch of all 4 BB cream. As you can probably tell, Jasmine BB cream has a slightly pinkish undertone to it, Aqua is slightly yellow, whitening is on the fairer side and gold caviar is a little on the dark side.

Judging from the swatches, my first pick would be Jasmine BB cream. After trying it out on my skin, Jasmine BB cream blends in well into my skin without looking too fair or grey. Aqua BB cream would be suitable for people with yellow undertone. The Whitening BB cream is a little too fair for me and needless to say, Gold Caviar is too dark for me.


To test the coverage, I drew 4 stars on my skin with my K Palette Eyeliner and I dab on some BB cream to see whether they can cover the black stars.

From Left to Right: Jasmine, Aqua, Whitening, Gold Caviar

As you can probably tell, the Whitening BB cream has the most coverage but it is also the fairest colour. I also find the Whitening BB cream to be a little too thick for my liking. It is definitely too fair for me. The rest of the BB creams has medium to high coverage which is adequate for daily usage. As for the Aqua BB Cream, it is the lightest in texture and coverage but it is also slightly more oily than the rest as my eyeliner smudges. But I guess the only reason why is because this is for the dry skin.

Lasting Power

For this, I find that all BB creams lasted for 3 to 4 hours before I need to blot. They are not good in oil control as I’ve used better BB creams that control the oil better.

My choice out of these 4 BB creams would be Jasmine Water BB Cream. Upon application, there is a strong scent of Jasmine. It has pretty good coverage. The down side is that the texture is a little thick so it can be rather difficult to spread across the face.

This picture illustrates the use of Jasmine Water BB Cream. As you can tell, I have pigmentation problems due to post acne and freckles. This BB cream does give me a good coverage even without any concealor! Although I prefer my current BB cream, I will not deny that this is a pretty decent BB cream to use. I will be passing this to my friend since it’s her favourite BB cream! šŸ™‚


Exclusively available at S$32 each in selected SaSa Stores.


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