Celebrate Xmas with Clinique!

Was invited to Clinique Event recently…

and was greeted by the beautiful Xmas products decoration on the table!

Lots of beautiful gift sets this Xmas.

You probably have heard of Clinique’s 3 steps skincare system:
Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Gentle Exfoliation
Step 3: Moisturize (Dramatically different moisturizing gel/lotion)

In Clinique, they believe that these are the 3 simple steps that you need to do to achieve flawless clear skin. At the counter, their staff will help to do an analysis of your skin and group your skin into 4 categories:
Type 1: Dry
Type 2: Dry Combi
Type 3: Oily Combi
Type 4: Oily

After analysis they will then advise you on a suitable 3 steps skincare regime. I, myself is a fan of their moisturizer and I’m currently using it! I was told that I’m of a type 2 – Dry Combination. I like it that their skincare is categorized as such to fit all types of skin. Their products are fragrance free and it is allergy tested so it is said to be suitable even for the sensitive skin. However after trying out some of their products, I find that if you are allergic to alcohol you should avoid them as some of the products do contain some alcohol.

Since December is around the corner, I’m pretty sure everyone is travelling for some winter time! Never forget to moisturize your skin as skin can get rather dry during the colder months. Try moisture surge for extra hydration boost. The texture is nice…not too heavy or greasy!

Here’s Nance showing us her bare skin! She said she started using Clinique products 6 months ago and now she can go out without makeup as her skin is pretty much flawless! She’s not using any foundation on the skin except a tinted sunblock which is none other than …

Clinique Derma-white City Block! I was quite excited to try this out on my skin!

As a tinted sunblock, this texture is slightly thick and resembles a BB cream. It covers my redness and some imperfections. I would say that on normal days, I can actually just go out with only the sunblock!

On other days, for a more polished look, go for their liquid foundation.

Their liquid foundation has good coverage on the skin!

To cover blemishes, try their concealor too!

Lastly, set the makeup with some loose powder.

Here’s the finished look! I am pretty pleased with the end results.

We ended off the event with a group picture of course! 🙂


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