Review: Konjac Sponges

I’ve not heard about Konjac sponges when OneTwoSpree decided to sponsor me their Raven Bath Series of Konjac Sponges. So I did some research on the net and found out that Konjac sponges have been raved by many bloggers from all over the world! Naturally, I was excited to try out!

These sponges from the Raven Bath series are made in Korea (Jeju Island) using 100% moisture rich natural plant fiber. The Konjac Sponge helps to cleanse and exfoliate our skin while giving the moisture it needs. Well-known for its organically health-giving properties, the Konjac-made sponge is a natural beauty treatment which balances the acidity of our delicate skin with its alkaline substances while removing the impurities.

There are different types of Konjac Sponges catered to different needs of the skin:
Full Moon Original – Excellent for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and safe for babies & children
Water Drop Volcanic Rock – Perfect for those with oily complexion or skin that are prone to spots and acne
Water Drop Bamboo Charcoal – Perfect for exfoliating and cell growth
Full Moon Korean Ocher – Cleans out the skin from layers of dead keratinized cells & accelerates regeneration growth
6Wave Body Sponge – Originally designed for babies, safe for everyone and new babies as well

The Water Drop Bamboo Charcoal was the first sponge I tried out! When I first took it out from the plastic wrap, the sponge is slightly damp. I just need to run through warm water for a few mins and I’m off to go! While hanging it on the hook to air-dry, it turns to a hard rock which can only be soften by running through warm water for a few mins.

What it claims to do:

How I use it: 
I normally use a cleanser to briefly cleanse my skin once. While the cleanser is still on my skin, I use the sponge to massage all over my skin in a circular motion for a few mins before rinsing my skin.

My review:

The sponge was really soft and spongy! The feeling is so amazing that I kept showing my sister how spongy the sponge was. The sponge was soft and gentle on my skin that I’m very sure that it is suitable even for the sensitive skin To be honest, this is MUCH MORE GENTLER that a sonic cleanse. Due to acne, my skin has been rejecting sonic cleanse as it makes my skin red and inflamed.  .But with this Konjac Sponge, no redness was seen at all!  The water drop shape of the sponge also made cleaning easier as it can easily reached to the corners of my nose. The immediate effect of using this sponge was how soft and smooth my skin turns out to be. Subsequent usage of this sponge for a week, I find my pores cleaner and blackheads reducing. Although my pimples did not disappear, I find that by using this sponge to clean my skin, I minimize the chances of my fingers contacting my skin, hence reduce the times of me poking my pimples.

I also tried out the 6wave body sponge on my body. To use it, I pour some body wash onto the sponge and massage it in circular motion all over my body, concentrating on acne prone area such as the chest and back.

My review: 
This feels good my skin and not harsh at all. The sponge also creates nice bubbles for a good lather. My chest and back also feels softer after using it. Normally my chest tends to look red and inflamed due to acne that people thought I was having rashes. But after using this sponge, I find that my redness has reduced and smaller clogged pores disappearing too! I’m loving it!

Overall I’m very satisfied with Konjac Sponges and would probably use it for a long long time…
By purchasing from OneTwoSpree, you are making sure that you get the real deal as there are many fake sponges around! So do be careful!


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