Taiwan Trip: Ah Mao Restaurant

Yay! Finally blogging about my Taiwan Trip. I would say this is the first free and easy trip I have with my friends. So the four girls packed and went on a 9 days trip as our pre-graduation trip! Taiwan is seriously a country that I love so much! Nice clean city filled with lots of nice people. Along the journey, we met many kind hearted Taiwanese that went all the way to help us. 🙂  I don’t think I will be blogging about the whole trip in detail because I know that will just bore some of you out there. I will just post some interesting places that I’ve been to.

So after touching down and checking into our hotel (inn house hotel) located at Xi Men Ding, we went to meet another classmate who was already there at Taiwan.

We followed our itinerary and went to try out Ah Mao restaurant that sells primarily Risotto.

A nice cosy small place. I feel that when you come to Taiwan, you definitely have to go to their themed restaurants which are so rare in Singapore!

Cute little doggy in the restaurant which we mistaken it to be Ah Mao. lol.

My first meal in Taiwan. The Risotto was not bad but I hate the corn soup. I hate all western corn soup. lol.

Look at my puffy eyes + super flat fringe from the long flight! Argh!

First group photo in Taiwan. =) I think we are suitable to be travelling mates as we all belong to the fast fast chop chop kind of girls. lol. At least we do not dilly dally all day long.

After our dinner, we proceeded to Starbucks for a cup of hot chocolate and I’m quite impressed with the environment.

After our drink, we even went to their cinema to catch a movie! Not a bad experience…I remembered I had hot oolong tea + popcorn in the cinema too. lol. Free and easy trip is fun as you get to experience their culture and living habits. You would probably do things that you never will in Singapore.  Buy a ticket, see the world and fall in love.

And they say live life like a traveler, even in your own country. Life will be so much more fun, isn’t it?


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