Winners of 2B giveaway + Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel

Thank you everyone who participated in my 2B alternative giveaway and also thank you to 2B alternative who made this giveaway possible!!

I’ve picked out 2 winners for the Face Serum and 8 winners for the Face Masks via random names picker machine.

So here are the winners: 

2B for Face Serum 
1. Rusty
2. Gongjumonica

2B for Face Face Masks 
1. Janette Tan
2. Wei Wei
3. Pei Ling
4. Serraine Teo
5. Lily
6. Jason
7. Shuhui
8. Yanni

Congratulation to all winners! An e-mail will be sent to you shortly regarding the collection of the products!


I’m totally not blogging in sequence! But whatever!
Here are some pictures of the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel over at the top of Dream Mall!

Managed to catch the sunset view! What a pleasant surprise after a long shopping day!



4 thoughts on “Winners of 2B giveaway + Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel

  1. Hi Vivian, just being curious… to date, how many bottles of 2B alternative For Face have you used? I have now completed half a bottle, but don’t see much effect.. Thanks. 🙂

    1. 2 bottles. currently starting to use the third bottle to prepare myself for new year! 😀 the effect is subtle…please do not expect vast improvement. But you will notice the face contour tighten and more V.

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