How to create Korean’s skin with makeup

Hello girls! Recently I attended L’oreal’s event launching the new magique series that includes a primer, foundation and a touch up pen! And my apologies for not having any event photos this time round as my camera died on me!! The venue was rather dark as it was held at a spa pent house which is supposed to be relaxing, so my phone’s camera couldn’t save me either.

Anyhoos, this new magique series is about creating porcelain, flawless skin like that of a K Pop Star! I was hoping to get my hands on these products as soon as I heard about it and my so glad my wish is granted!! ^-^

The thing about a Korean’s base makeup is that they look translucent, dewy and flawless. I’ve been in love with this type of base makeup for the longest time. Their skin just look perfect in any angle.

In the past, to get this look, I would use BB cream + concealor + highlighter. It wasn’t easy to find a good highlighter that doesn’t look as if you have highlighter on. Most of the time the shimmers were too much for me to handle. It just doesn’t look natural. What I want to achieve is glow from within. And BB creams are good for natural look but most of the time, they have pretty light coverage that doesn’t covers scars well.

For this look above, I’ve used all three products to create a porcelain flawless skin. Ahem, pardon if I praise myself like this. lolol. But don’t you agree the glow makes my skin look so good and my features sharper?!

The first step is to use their pure light primer that promises lit from within the complexion! This is what makes a difference in the makeup!

The texture of the primer is really watery and easy to blend. There are no obvious shimmers in the primer but it simply just makes your skin glow without the shimmers. Love it.
To use it: Using the “CCTV” Technique dab on the apples of your cheek in “C” shape, T zone in “T” shape and chin in “V” Shape.

Then apply the light-infusing foundation all over the skin.

I am using “N2” shade which is the second lightest shade in the series. What I love about this foundation is that it is not thick and easy to blend in. It covers well and is buildable. I haven’t been able to find a good drugstore liquid foundation but now I’m convinced with L’oreal’s!

*Tip: Do not apply anything on the eye area first as it tends to be dry and may cake easily when you load too much products on it. Leave it till the last.

Use the Magique Touch up pen next as a concealor and a highlighter!

It dispenses the product on the brush. The brush was a little stiff at first but now all’s good after a few usage.

Dab it in the area as shown – T zone, dark eye circles, laugh lines and chin!

And the whole look is completed!

I also use it in my Taiwan’s trip and am so loving it!! Love the glow!


12 thoughts on “How to create Korean’s skin with makeup

  1. I’ve been eyeing this product range for quite a moment. Thanks for the review and I love how it sits well on your skin as well. However, it it suitable for oily skin?

  2. Hi thanks for sharing, very detailed explanation. Just bought the touch pen but wonder do I use it before or after my loose powder。thanks

  3. Hi there! After reading this post, I’m moved to buy it. Can I know what is the touch pen’s highlighter usage in details? Such as what it is for, and do you have any tips on which part of of the face to use highlighter on? 🙂

    1. You can use it as a concealer or as a highlighter! to use as a highlighter, highlight in on your T zone, Chin (in V shape), and 2 C from the corner of your eyes towards the direction of nose.

  4. Thanks, are you still doing this look or are you using other brands already? i like this kind of makeup but my skin is combination oily type, just worried my t-zone will be more oily?

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