I love my boyfriend! (*Mushy Content)

LOL. Just a warning first ar.

I’ve not spoken about my boyfriend here for a really really long time. Prawn has been working hard with his bro on their new business recently. So of course, I was the main suppork behind him! 🙂   We didn’t visit anywhere special recently so there aren’t any pictures. But then again, as long as it’s with him, anywhere is special. Sometimes I get upset over little time spent altogether but other times I get so touched by his sweet gestures that I think it is worth it. 🙂  Wanna pen it down so that I will always be reminded of all the nice things he did. (You know I have short term memory.)

Like how sometimes he would pop by my house and buy my whole family ice-cream that when he forgets one day, my parents asked where’s the ice-cream. LOL. He would also get me little gifts like a cute pen, a cute pillow and my favourite magazine though I never once took pictures of that as well. lol. We also made a light box together after his suggestion since I’m always blogging about products. And while I fuss over petty things like not being able to make a card properly or the way I want it, he would always be the patience one beside me suggesting what to do.

He’s not the type that would write a card but he did it before I flew to Taiwan. He stuffed it in my backpack without telling me but was soon found out by me. lol. I was still pretty touched and I only read it while flying on the plane. ^-^

On that night, Prawn also sang “Kiss Me” and sent me through e-mail. It was the song he sang for me in the dark, struggling to play his guitar when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I teared when I hear it. T.T So touching to read this “把这首小曲子献给亲爱的你! PS: 这次我没有看chords! 以后再暗的地方也能弹给你听!”

Soon after I reached Taiwan, he tried to send me another song he played and sing but failed cos I couldn’t listen on the iphone. Nonetheless, I managed to hear it yesterday! 🙂 I love it when he sings for me. Singing is probably one of his biggest talent. I also love it when he gets uptight over my safety. I will be flying to Bangkok soon and he advised me on some miscellaneous stuff so that I won’t get cheated knowing that I can be very blur at times.

I think it is a great deal that he’s trying to keep the flames alive after so many years of being together. Sometimes we lost it but we would surely find it back somehow. Definitely not easy and I really appreciate that a lot. We don’t always get to see each other, but while we get so busy, involve and tired in our own commitments, we knew we still have each other to depend on and that’s enough isn’t it?

Recently Prawn showed me a small note that I wrote for him very long ago and he kept it in his wallet. The note was all torn and tattered and ink had smudged a little but the words were encouraging and touching. While I chuckled over the kind of silly paper I wrote on, it still reminded me that I really love giving people encouragements, including my friends and boyfriend and I will always do it for the people I love.

Thank you Prawn and I love you! ^-^
Perhaps this December I wish to have a good meal with my boyfriend and do something fun together!


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