My rocker outfit for the Xmas night

The thing that I love most about Xmas is the joy of giving and receiving. Every year I took time to write Xmas cards for friends because I feel that it shows how important they are in my life. 🙂 And being a Santa Claus can be a happy thing isn’t it?

Yesterday I had my first Xmas celebration with FLOWERS. 🙂 We all gave each other a dress code, a dress code that we don’t normally wear on a daily basis. lolol.

Mine was ROCK STAR ..2NE1. LOL. Although I say real one, I really don’t like 2NE1 maybe except Dara who is like so pretty even without makeup. But then again, her new hairstyle really is …. turn me off. =x

Here’s what I wore for the night – Body con dress with leather detailing + Scallop Studded bag + Boots.

Took this outside SOTA and I looked like I have mega long legs. And I looked really really fair in contrast to my all black outfit.

I always tell people if you put me alone, I would look tall. Just don’t put me beside anybody and I’ll be fine. lolol.

A rocker with a twist. lol. Mismatched.

My boots which I got in Taiwan for less than S$20!

And my bag which was my 21st birthday gift. Everyone thought it was new as I hardly bring it out. lol.

My teddy bear and me!

I like Prawn’s nike shoes. Very unique.

I am a santa claus!! All the goodies inside this bag. Heehee.

Went Starbucks for a drink. Guess what’s my fav Xmas drink?

I was showing my bf lots of pretty girls’ pictures and I said I think this Pang Lei Xin quite cute looking and then he said “eh you have the same hairstyle as this picture” and I’m like “oh ya hor! Similar!” and then I started cam-whoring. LOLOL. So this explains the picture of me holding a finishing drink. LOL. And then my boyfriend gone mad and I asked me to take 十连拍。

Stop saying that I am 冰山美人!

I am actually quite friendly. ^-^

It was a lucky day to receive present from the Santa Claus! We gotten a “house” (above our head) that house Awfully Chocolates Truffles inside.

Had a good time with my boyfriend…first meet up after I’m back in Singapore.

And then off to meet the girls at Just Acia!

Terriyaki + Soft Shell Crab set

Look at those huge portions! Slurps.

Gift exchange!! Gotten a desk vacuum from PL! Hehe.

I just realise I didn’t take a full length picture with SH whose dress code was lace and demure. But I think she look more sexy with that dress. HAHA.

YL and me. Cool VS ROCK. Not bad, give her credit for not wearing Pink for the first time. lolol.

Me and SW…hers was PRINTS. haha! Quite challenging for her.

Me and PL whose dress code was sexy! lol. Somehow I think she can swapped themes with SH’s laces.

Me and HM whose theme was dolly! I give it to her! She looked really different from her usual styles. hah!

Me and Y whose theme was glam queen! Glad that she curls her hair! haha!

The girls in Black.

It was super fun night out with the girls.

This year has been a rather eventful one even though there were no resolutions made. They say unexpected things happen when you least expected and it’s true. I slogged my ass out and passed my practicum. I get to do the things that I’ve always enjoy doing – watching plays and reading. I kept to my promise to be a better friend and made my very close pals a card/scrap book. I got closer with a friend unexpectedly and am happy that I did.  I got the chance to be in touch with drama again. I ended the year with two holiday trips.  I am grateful for all the sponsors I have this year and thank them for making me beautiful. Last, but not least, I am grateful that my family (including my lovely popo) and my boyfriend is still around me. Life is such a joy to have all you people around me.


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