A day with Jun

I came to realise I am always staying at home on the actual Xmas day … oh well … better to stay home than be stuck in a horrible car traffic jam and human traffic jam. Spending time at home with my old folks, drinking vodka can be quite therapeutic too.

Anw, here’s another Xmas meet up!

Met up with Jun at Hatched (Holland Village) recently.

Jun’s Sir Benedict.

Mine is Burly Benedict. (I actually ordered this cos I wana eat the potatoes. LOL)

My verdict: Not bad…but not something I would say I love it!

My Orange Cooler

Posing with my food as usual. Hehe. I think I will be putting my fringe cut and keratin treatment on hold first. I will just go for a new dye job.

The girls do what the girls do best – SHOPPING. Wore pink coincidentally! 🙂

Do you know that Jun is courageous enough to travel abroad on her own … and her recent adventure was to Nepal’s Everest Base Camp!! Trekking non-stop for 7 days is no joke at all! Way to go girl! 🙂 I am so proud of you.
Life is all about dreaming big, having faith, taking chances and taking things into YOUR hand.

This is our selca for the day. ^-^

Merry Xmas and let’s gear up for the new year! 🙂


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