Looking back at 2012 ..

It’s JAN 2013 finally!!! =D I haven’t been so busy living life in December so much so that I couldn’t find time to look back at my 2012 until now. 🙂 But it’s always good to get out of the house than to cope at home.

I’m looking back at my life base on everything I recorded on my blog.

For 2012 

Jan – It is always a happy month with lots of love filled. Had my first sponsored overseas trip to JB and celebrated Prawn’s Birthday by treating him to couple massage and good food.

Feb – V day celebration where I receive a handmade ugly doll from Prawn. T.T I think this is the best gift given to me ever.

March – School’s been a bitch .. the toughest semester of all. March is also the month where Prawn ORD and left for his 1 mth ORD trip.

April – It’s my birthday, my fifth anniversary, my final presentation in school and the end of  my upper lip IPL session that changed my life.

May – Got into OMY blog award for the second year, first time doing Keratin Hair Treatment that changed my hair and it is also the month where I finally get to see Prawn again!

June – Went JB with my girls and also the start of my 5 weeks internship.

July – Stepped into Zouk for the first time for an event. lol. Started applying THE LAW OF ATTRACTION nd works a lot of times!

August – My first sponsored hair dye job by Komachi Hair Cult and also started to grow my fringe long!

September – So happy to be celebrating Granny’s birthday yet again! =D

October – Had the chance to act again and forge new friendship due to a drama module in school. Very thankful! Also had my first sponsored CAMERA!! Thank you thank you thank you.

November – Held a mega giveaway to my readers and friends thanks to 2B alternative!! Met them for lunch when they came all the way from Hong Kong. I love them so much!! The people from 2B are so generous and sincere in  building relationship with me. =D

December – Travelled to Taiwan and Bangkok with 2 important groups of friends in my life for the first time. Counting down to Prawn’s birthday for the very first time. =D

That pretty much summed up my 2012. Looking back, it has been such a great year with so much love given to me everywhere. I feel so blessed and grateful while typing these down. I hadn’t have so much FIRST TIME in a long while and I’m really thankful for it. Thank you for the awesome people in my life who stayed on with me and thank you to those who just came into my life.  And that marks the end of my 2012. I hope and I wish for 2013 to be BETTER THAN EVER. 

And so the law of attraction goes … 

1. I will cope better with Practicum life this year. I WILLLLLLL!!!
2. I will have enough time to enjoy life with my love, friends and family.
3. I will have smooth and flawless skin.
4. I will travel again next year.
5. I will love life and go out more often.
6. I will continue to read and watch wonderful arts/plays.
7. I will have surprises and new discoveries along the way.

Life is interesting when you dream.


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