Prawn’s 23rd birthday celebration – to MARINE LIFE PARK

Trying to make the day special for my boyfriend. It’s his birthday celebration and he’s spending it with me, me and me on the last day of 2012 for the first time. It’s not a great deal. “It’s just a birthday” or so he says. I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t spend it with me. But the fact that he’s making it a point to spend it with me this year is still something special for me and for us.

The Marine Life Park is an amazing place to view weird fishes and sea creatures.
I haven’t been to the underwater world so I can’t do any comparison.
However, I would say I would enjoy the experience more only if the place is less crowded with better lighting.

Had dinner at a Chinese eatery thereafter … see my boyfriend is always goofy. =p

Our favourite samsui chicken! yumms.

And as for the rest of the night, we spent it at my home, drinking vodka, playing poker, counting down with Channel 8 and of course singing the little birthday song for him, cutting the cake and the rest are history. 🙂

This year I wish he would find joy in whatever he does, make 2013 an awesome year and of course an abundance of time for us to spend great occasions like this together.


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