Taiwan: Jing Yuan Leisure Farm

It’s been a month since I came back from Taiwan. The first time I visited the country was a few years back. Even though I like the country because of its cleanliness, I didn’t feel that I belong there. I felt more like a tourist any time. This time round it’s different as we travel around on our own, exploring places I’ve never been. I love the country mainly because of the people there. They are friendly and approachable that it makes me feel ashamed of myself being in Singapore. Back home, in Singapore, people either look away or stare at you if you appear to be too friendly. I am guilty of all these too.

In Kaohsiung, we visited this farm named Jing Yuan Leisure Farm. It was an awesome place to get close to the animals, feel them if you dare and laze around in their alfresco cafe, eating or drinking while watching planes take off. Although, to confess, I wasn’t that daring enough to touch them. I don’t even like touching cats and dogs, much less a horse and a pig?!

If life can stop for a moment, I would want it to be that moment. While being there, I just find myself at ease and comfortable. No worries and no stress … just friends surrounding you. You don’t even have to talk, cos all you need, is to enjoy the moment quietly and hear the nature by your side.

If I had to name a favourite place out of the entire trip, it could most probably be this leisure farm.
This is also the place where my camera battery depleted real quickly.

If there has to be a takeaway from this trip, it would be to learn to be more approachable and helpful the next time you see a tourist looking lost even though I am a direction idiot myself. :p


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