For convenience sake, get a wipe!

There were many times when I didn’t know what to eat for lunch and didn’t want to get changed and buy food, so I grabbed a packet of instant noodles, fried myself some nuggets using air fryer and called it my lunch. The fact that it is so convenient lured me to do it again and again.

I’m such a lazy bum at times.

Whenever I return home from a social gathering, I get so tired that all I want to do is to sit in front of computer and not go anywhere else. Even removing makeup can be quite a chore at times. The fact that cleaning my makeup can take at least a 15 mins turns me off. I need quick solution! Like instant noodles, this is when I turn to remover wipes above anything else.

Bifesta is a brand that only focuses on doing makeup removal products. So when it comes to makeup removal, you can definitely count on Bifesta. Although I must confess, I still love my Fancl oil cleansing a lot and nothing will change my love for it. This Bifesta cleansing wipes serve as an alternative for me on my lazy tired days or on days when I only have minimal makeup.

They come in two variants, one for combination skin and one for normal to dry skin. I especially love the packaging of it, compact and easy to keep. The plastic seal also make sure that your product is kept fresh and moist until next usage.

The sheet is bigger than face! I normally use about two wipes for a very thorough wipe and top it up with Bioderma cleansing water for complete removal of my makeup + cleansing without even stepping into the toilet!

Their lip and eyes makeup remover can be compared to the L’oreal’s in my opinion. It does its job just as well as L’oreal and it doesn’t sting my eyes at all too.

Consisting of two layers – the Emollient Layer that removes waterproof makeup (Contains Vitamin E)
and the Water Base layer that wraps oil and sebum (Contains Vitamin B) .

It is quite easy for all my eye makeup to come off.

Now I must say I do love Bifesta wipes and eye + lips makeup removal a lot! However, I wouldn’t find it really clean if I don’t top it up with my Bioderma cleansing water. That said, I think all (lazy) girls should give it a try, better than NOT removing makeup AT ALL. Just like instant noodles, they are so convenient!

Removal Wipes – 7.5/10
Eyes & Lips Remover – 8/10

*Products are sponsored by Bifesta but all opinions are mine and honest.


4 thoughts on “For convenience sake, get a wipe!

  1. I’m waiting for a review like this for the longest time!!! This is definitely worth checking out
    I just received the bi-festa non rinse makeup trial pack in my Jan vanity trove, gg to give this a try first to make sure my skin reacts well to this before getting the full pack.

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