What’s in my bag when I go for massages!

A bag-a-holic got to do what a bag-a-holic does – buying bags and buying bags. I got this bag from Naraya in Bangkok and it has been my favourite to-go bag this holiday. It’s light-weight and spacious enough for me to dump all my essentials in it. Black is a staple colour that goes with most outfit and the ribbon just adds some cutesy flavour to it. And did I mention? I love the polka dot handle!

A girl should have enough bags for every occasion – to school/work, gym, shopping, dinner, special occasions and travelling. I think that makes a great difference between a guy and a girl. A guy takes his backpack everywhere he goes while a girl chooses her bag according to her outfit and occasion.

I pack my bag every time before I leave the house. My boyfriend says girls are about pouches and pouches. Yeah, I guess pouches did make my life easier and pouches are great when it comes to protecting my belongings! So here’s what I brought yesterday to MASSAGE! (details on the massage next time)

My wristlet from Qoo10 and key pouch from Elle.
The wristlet isn’t my main wallet. It is just something I love to bring when I’m out on the weekend carrying a small bag. There’s little things inside and it is super compact and convenient with slots for cards and space for coins.  And as for the key pouch, it does seem like I’m THE MAN. But I really do like it and never settle for anything else except for a key pouch like this. I chose the green because it’s a unique colour.

Because I’ve got another event to cover after the massage, I need to clean my face and at least apply some makeup. This orange polka dot pouch from Bangkok stores everything I need.  And I really love Bioderma for giving my skin a good cleanse without making a water mess on my hair.  This small bottle of Bioderma (from bella box, but you can get it at Guardian) is good to carry around!

A blogger never leave the house for events without a camera and their name cards. I finally changed my camera pouch after using it for N years. This new camera pouch from Taiwan is soft and cushion-y enough to protect my camera. My name card casing is from Bugis Plus. 

The miscellaneous items include an automatic umbrella (from Taiwan), ear piece, iphone and a bottle of water (pic not taken). 

Everything can be stored neatly in my bag, zip it up and I’m ready to go. 🙂


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