A good massage aids good night rest

If I can be granted a wish immediately, I would wish to be a Sleeping Beauty. How nice would it be if I can sleep well and by well, I mean having to fall asleep in less than 5 mins time. Sometimes it really irks me that insomnia is always a problem for me when it comes to the holiday. Granted, I am not stress and I’m not emotionally challenged as well, but somehow to be able to fall asleep seem such a daunting task since December.

I was invited to The White Panda Foot & Body Massage by Street Directory to try out both their foot and body massage. I was standing across the roadside while taking this picture, hence the ugly dustbins around. lol. It was named after the Panda simple because Pandas are always found eating and sleeping. They lead a super relax lifestyle!

Located at Arab Street, this place was not difficult to find at all. A direction idiot like was able to spot this place rather easily.

My initial thought was, “YES!! I am finally going to have a massage to help relax my body and hopefully able to get a good night rest!” When it comes to massages, I am actually quite thrilled. Hehe. 

I was told to change into this comfortable pair of slippers once I stepped in. They also mentioned that they have customers wanting to buy their slippers! This was how comfortable it was.

Soaking my feet in a tub of hot water before the massage. The water was REALLY HOT initially but I know it was good for me so I went ahead and I felt really comfortable thereafter.

They called this uncle the Foot Whisperer because he can tell your health condition (even psychological ones for me) just by looking at your feet.

He was spot on when he said I had poor sleep and he could also tell that my body is very heaty. He advised me to drink more liang teh to cool my body down and to sleep earlier (which is tough for now!). And erm…he even went on to tell me that I shouldn’t keep things to myself and let myself be unhappy. lol. I have no idea why he made that statement … but oh well …

All smiles cos I’m in heaven! lol.

The uncle is damn good at it I swear! They do not use expensive products (Nivea), but the skills are good!

Pain Level: 6/10
Feels comfortable yet with enough strength.

I was ushered around to see their rooms..and this is their individual rooms for body massage. Yeap, every room has a shower room as well. I’m just wondering why they do not build a toilet in it as well?

Their shower facility is simple but clean enough.

And guess what?!

I had the three people’s room ALL TO MYSELF!! WOOHOO. =D

I had to choose between three essential oils and I decided on Yang Yang that deals with hormones. To be honest, I couldn’t smell the essential oil at all cos I was facing down all the time. I was thinking they should do something to let the scent take over the entire room. Or perhaps my room was too big? lol.

The massage was good. It leaves me going “Ahhhh” a few times because of the pain, but it was bearable and I didn’t tear or anything.
Pain Level: 7/10

I would like to think this is a good place for a rather decent body and foot massage. And I did have a good night sleep that night. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A good massage aids good night rest

  1. Hi, were you allowed to bath / shower after the body massages? saw that they hv shower facilities but some massage places dun provide showering after massaging. pls advice! 🙂

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