First week of School

I always love school because I can be myself! I can never have enough of high-waisted shorts + crop tees + pretty trendy blouses which I may never get to wear to work in the future. So while I still can, I would wear more of it!  Also, I love my glasses and no-foundation days. My good skin days are just too awesome! Hope things stay this way. School just makes me so happy because I’m … SO ME. 🙂 Just one thing I loathe … the waking up part. I can’t go without an afternoon nap these days. In any case, I would still prefer not being able to wake up and have a tough battle with the bed every morning than not being able to fall asleep.

Oh, and I finally hit the gym again. That’s something worth mentioning.

I hope I don’t lose myself in the near future.


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