Affordable Facial Foams from Biore

Cleansing is an important step in my skin care regime. I  never do without this step everyday. Like breathing, you got to do it to prevent dirts from clogging up your skin. Some people never bother with this yet goes away pimple-free, while others like me, despite thoroughly cleansing gets pimples every now and then. I’m no longer sore about it since I pretty much enjoy using a facial foam. It’s a luxurious feeling if the products feels good on the skin, isn’t it?

I used to buy Biore Facial Foam in the past because it’s cheap and cleanses well! This time round I was thrilled to see Biore releasing a new range of Facial Foam that claims to be even better than before! Using Skin Purifying Technology,  the facial foams now have higher cleansing efficiency and does no damage to the skin since it do not penetrate into the skin. It claims to leave no residue on the skin and will not be irritating to the skin. Also, it helps to vitalize the skin. 

I picked the above facial foam targeting blemish prone skin because I like my cleanser to do just what the above can do; purify the skin with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties.

I do like the texture of the product a lot … the facial foam is neither the creamy type nor the gel type. I presume it seems somewhere in between? I do not like facial cleaners that are too foamy. This is just right for my liking and lathering it is easy as well. Unfortunately, this product does leave a slight squeaky effect after cleansing which I personally do not like it. I like my cleansers to be mild and skin to feel smooth after cleansing. One thing for sure though, this product does not irritate my skin and does not leave my skin tight and dry after cleansing. Thumbs up!

Besides facial foams, Biore also release an everyday scrub for the face!

Can you see that the beads are really small and fine? Personally this is not something that I would use as I do not scrub my face on an everyday basis. On days when I needed some exfoliation  I would prefer something that contains more beads. Yes fine beads are good but I do want more of the fine beads. These are too little for my liking.

However, this product does gives the skin a smoother and radiant finish like what they claims.

Overall verdict: 
Biore Facial foams make cheap alternatives to your current expensive products. I would recommend it to students and people who do not splurge on cleansers.  Sometimes you just have no extra penny to splurge on a cleanser, get the Biore ones! They make acceptable cleansers with an affordable price.


Products are sponsored but all opinions are mine and honest. 


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