A day in my life (Blogging Anniversary)

Today my blog turned FOUR years old!! Time flies …

It’s an incredible journey starting this blog; I’ve never thought that a personal blog of mine would become something rather inspirational and meaningful. Blogging has become part of my life and I’m really glad that while documenting my life, I was able to reach out to a number of loyal and of course new readers. : ) I hope I’ve inspired you girls in some ways or another which is my ultimate aim of continuing this blog.

Thank you for walking with me.
Now here’s a day in life when I have no school and no gatherings.
Watch how I incorporate blogging in my everyday life. ^^

The Me day usually begins with no alarm clock and I would naturally wake up between 10am to 11am. I would make myself a cup of milo to start the day fresh! As it’s late, I usually skip my breakfast.

I also make sure I start my day with a proper skin care regime. Here’s my vanity area where I do my skincare and makeup at. But a ME day means no makeup just skincare.  (I would do a blog post on organization soon!)

I then change into my sports attire and go for a jog near my place. I’m making exercising at least once a week a resolution in 2013. I’m not very sure if I would keep up with it but so far so good!

After my 15 min jog, I would head home for some aerobics! Don’t mind telling you, I’ve been following videos at home and doing aerobics in the comfort of my home since late last year. I got lazy and stopped for awhile. BUT I’m starting all over again!

The recent news on Celebs’ sudden death made me think that life is fragile and health has to be taken seriously. I ought to keep myself active and healthy! I have to admit running is really not my thing but I’m forcing myself to run at least once a week to keep fit and healthy. And if you are interested in short 10 mins workouts, try Fat Burning Funk Dance and Victoria’s Secret Model Workout. The first one seems pretty easy but you will definitely find yourself sweating, while the latter is slightly more strenuous but fun to do as well! I enjoy these workouts at the comfort of my house and setting aside time for it is definitely not a chore for me.

After exercising, it’s time to do some serious work! lol. I would brainstorm some ideas for my blog, and if there’s any product shots to be taken, I would do so right away. Photos always look good when the sun is shining brightly! So I make sure I catch the sun before it sets. Yes, I took the biore facial foams shot right outside my house along the corridor. lolol.

After taking those shots, I would head back home, upload the pictures onto my computer and start to do some photo editing on Photoshop. And I usually do so for every product picture on my blog. It’s definitely taking up a bit of time but seeing pretty pictures on my blog makes me happy too!

Blogging about products also means looking into the press releases. There are so much information given in the press releases and so my job is to look through, pick up the important points and start thinking about to construct my blog post.

And of course my next task is to pen down a blog post on my wordpress server. I usually deal with a lot of HTML when I blog because I’m quite particular about the aesthetic part of the blog post. And also, I make sure I BLOG, not just dump pictures in a post and call it a post.

By the time I finish blogging, it’s 1pm and it’s time for lunch! On my Me days I usually get so lazy that I would just make myself a bowl of noodles. I would eat my noodles and watch my favourite variety show too! I usually get updated with the latest skincare technology or information through variety shows too. These gave me blogging inspiration too! Whenever I get to know some latest skincare technologies, I am always keen to try it out. If I like it I would share it on my blog too.

After my lunch, I would start doing my assignment if there’s any. Well, a student got to do what a student needs to do!

Once my assignment is done, I would surf the net randomly. Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and blogs! I would also take the time to do some scalp treatment.

Then I would start picking up a book and read on the comfort of my bed until I feel sleepy and start snoozing away. Yeah I can’t do without my afternoon nap these days! Current read: Defending Jacob.

I woke up at 6.15pm on this particular day. And I would go for a bath before my dinner is ready! Usually dinner is prepared by my mum and it’s these simple fares that I always love so much!

By the time I finish my dinner, I would be glued to my television and will be lazing in my couch till 10pm! Random surfing of net repeats its history again! Sometimes I would chat with friends on Facebook and other times I would draft another blog entry like now! Hitting the sack between 12am to 1am is usually the norm. But sometimes I get engrossed in chats that I sleep in slightly later.

Of course everyday is a little different but that’s usually the normal things I do on my Me Days. Recording it down for the first time makes me appreciate such days more.

So much for a day in my life!  Hope it didn’t bore you 🙂


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