Makeup for CNY

It’s the second day of the lunar new year and I decided to blog since I’ve not much visitings to do on this day. Honestly, this year I’m not trying out any new makeup techniques like the rest of the years. Instead, I’m sticking to the usual two-tone eyeshadow application. Eyeliner application is simply black with a little wing at the back. No fancy colours or anything. But I’m really liking my makeup today. In fact it looks better than my first day of makeup so here it goes!

Products used are all my holy grails! 
Za Perfect Fit  two way cake foundation in PO10 (Latest)
K Palette Eyeliner
Za Mascara Base
Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara
L’oreal infallible eyeshadow in hourglass beige and all night blue

I haven’t mention this in my blog yet but I’m really really loving the new Za two way cake foundation. They have more shades available now and PO10 blends into my skintone pretty well. I compared the shade to my previous Za21 and they are almost the same except that PO10 is more pink than Za21. For a powder foundation, Za definitely has good coverage. Blemishes’ marks and pores were minimized after application. The powder is so much more fine than before and it doesn’t gives a cakey look due to its moisturizing ingredients. In fact there’s a glow on my face despite it being a powder foundation! I also like it that it contains anti-shine powder to keep excess sebum at bay for 8 hours. I’ve been wearing it for 7 hours and other than my nose, my entire makeup looks fresh and sebum free.

The L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow is da bombz! They are pigmented and long lasting! The beige colour is one of my favourite everyday colour. Applying it alone brightens up my eyelid! Midnight blue however looks darker when applied than how it looks like in the pot.

Happy new year and gong xi fa cai! 🙂


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