OOTD for the snake year

The Lunar New Year is the only time where you get to see everyone decked out in their gorgeous outfit!
This year I decided to pick an outfit from my Taiwan Loot. My dress, stockings and shoes are all from Taiwan.
Wine red is ever popular this year and it suits the festive mood too! I have no idea when will be the next time I’ll be wearing this pair of tattoo stockings but I’m just glad that I bought and wore it on the new year. I love to try new things! I also decided to abandon heels and wore this comfortable pair of chic boots. I’m like really short as compared to the rest of the girls but who cares as long as I like it? Hehe. 

My necklace was from Aries and I love that it matches the SNAKE year. Hehe.
Everyone kept asking me if this was heavy but no, it wasn’t!

My hair and makeup of the day. Received lots of compliments about my pretty hair.
But actually it only took me 15 mins to tong it.
I looked through my albums and realise my hair looks different every chinese new year.
This year I’m glad my hair is finally long enough to curl them the way I like it.
And for a change, I had the longest fringe thus far.

But through the day, the curls loosened into pretty waves due to rain.
This is the first CNY that the weather is sooo cold. But I like it! 😀


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