OOTD: Day 3 of CNY

You know what’s funny?
It’s the sight of people using their phones every time even during special occasions like this.
The adults mingled, went silent for awhile and started staring at the TV screen. The kids?
Well, they are either on their phone or ipad, oblivious to the surroundings.

That’s the kind of awkwardness you get from seeing people once in a year. You smile, you talk and you kept quiet.
You wanted to talk more, but no, people might not want to.

Sometimes you get more stress listening to the topics which they talked about – of kids, of schools and of health.
You wanted to escape, but you can’t.
All you can do is sit down and eat the goodies.

Dress: F21

Day 3 of the Chinese New Year was spent at my parents’ friends houses.
I wore this studded body con dress that’s very flattering on the body. I knew I
had to buy it immediately after I tried it on. But I think I have to cut some weight at the belly area!
Sigh…all the goodies are making my belly bulge out!

I’m not sure why but recently I have a liking for
simple accessories like a dainty necklace, earrings, small vintage watch and simple dainty bracelet.
I think it gives off a classy finish as opposed to the studded dress that I was wearing.


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