Review: But, Becky Face Mask

Life has been getting stressful and I’m honestly struggling to find time to blog. I think from now onward, I will only be free to blog on a weekend. I’m hoping that I can draft out a few posts so as to last throughout the week. I really hate to see it not updated frequently! And so I’ll try my best! 🙂

Now back to the topic. Today I would like to introduce a new face mask from Taiwan called BUT, BECKY. That’s a rather cute name to have isn’t it? The cute mint and yellow packaging made it seem like a very girly thing to use and I really love it! It’s not pink yet it exudes the little girl personality.

This mask helps to say goodbye to visible dark spots and the pearl essence helps to retain mousture and improve the tone and youthfulness of skin.

The mask comes with 3D hook for lifting effect!
As you can tell, the mask adheres tightly to my skin. However, I find the nose flap too small as it doesn’t cover my entire nose.
I also think that the mouth opening could be reduced for a better fit.

After a one time usage, I find my skin more moisturized and less red. However, there is no visible lifting effect or whitening effect.
Perhaps a few more usage are needed to see the whitening effect.

If so, this is not a mask that I would purchase often.

I presume you can get this mask from Watsons and has just changed its layout for a better shopping experience, however I couldn’t find But, Becky! Maybe they would include it very soon after they get their website running smoothly.


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