One week of break. OOTDS

Finally the well-deserved one week break from work is here. This one week holiday is gonna be a blast for me doing some self-pampering, dating and meeting friends. Oh and of course that includes doing some work in advance so that I could relax myself a little when work starts proper again.

I’m really thankful for a week’s break like this. It gives me time to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do but no time to do so.

So anw, I came across this article on Facebook that speaks my mind totally, so here it is!

Isn’t that so true? Why be so serious when everyone is gonna leave the world some day. Even though a job is some kind of calling, I still believe the need to make time for yourself and for your love ones. There’s no point in working so hard when everyone’s gone from your life. There’s nobody to share the joy of your hardwork anyway. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be serious when you work. We should still be responsible for the work we do and complete all tasks given to us. And finding joy in the work you do is important as well. I’m still learning to have work-life balance though and hopefully things will get better as time goes. The last thing I want is to be satisfied in all aspects of my life.

So people I’m asking you, if you haven’t been meeting your friends, shopping and listening to some music, then there’s really something wrong. Get out of the house, have some coffee and let your mind just wander off from work. It’s simply therapeutic. Listening to radio station at night is something I love doing right now as well.

Here’s some OOTDS over the weeks. ^^

Polka dot skater dress from Thailand. It was rather long so I had to use a belt to shorten the length a little.

Vintage looking dress from Modparade. I don’t shop much online but I really love the stuff from Modparade because it so unique! I simply love the bubble sleeve and the preppy collar

Another nude skater dress from Thailand. This is one of my favourite!

And lastly, a weekend outfit which I wore today! Love the lacey top and the pelpum skirt I was wearing. I have 3 of the same pelpum skirts of different colours at home but black is my favourite. lolol.

If you’re happy and you know it, snap a picture. ❤


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